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Who is a Verifier?

For Verification based on Documents, the verifier present at the Enrolment Centre will verify the documents. Aadhar supervisor must appoint personnel for the verification of documents.

The services of the retired government officials who are generally well acquainted with such verification procedures should be utilized by the Aadhar supervisor in case they are unable to spare serving officials for document verification.

Any retired official both from Government (including Armed forces and CPMFs) and PSUs including Banks not below the rank of Group ‘C’/ class III employees may be allowed to be deployed as Verifiers.

The verifiers in an enrolment centre cannot be from the same vendor, hired as enrolment agency. Aadhar supervisor needs to ensure that verifiers are appropriately trained before being put in the field.

What are the responsibilities of a Verifier?

For enrolment, Resident will bring his/her original documents along with the photocopy of the documents and filled Enrolment Form. Verifier must verify enrolment Form details against original documents. Verifier also checks that the names of the documents captured in the enrolment form are correct and same as the original documents produced by the resident.

Verifier needs to be available in the enrolment center throughout the operating hours of the center. Aadhar supervisor should ensure physical presence of verifiers during the enrolment.

It is verifier’s responsibility to ensure that Enrolment form is filled completely and correctly as per UIDAI enrolment process. No mandatory field should be left blank and resident should be encouraged to fill optional fields like mobile number and email address. Verifier will sign and stamp the Enrolment Form after verification.

However, if the resident is enrolled and has come for Correction for a particular demographic field, the resident need not enter all details in the Form. The resident must provide his/her original Enrolment Number, Date and Time (together known as EID), his/her Name and the field which needs correction. Verifier will only verify if it is one of the fields requiring verification of documents. Verifier will use the same UIDAI verification guidelines as used during resident enrolment.

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