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UCL Installation help

AAdhar Special

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Desired Softwares for Install UCL v

Aadhar Software UCL : Download  Click Here


Master and Registrar Data: 0206 - CSC e-GSIL : Download Click Here

User Credential File  0206 : Download Click Here

Operator Manual for the Demographic Update : Click Here

Useful Links for Installalation of UCL v

Training Video -- Demographic UCL : Click Here
Video for Installation of UCLv3.3.0.0 : Click Here
Video for Installation of Morpho 1300: Click here
Video for installation of "Print Aadhaar": Click Here
Video for Import Master & Registrar Data: Click Here
Frequently Asked Questions for UCL : Click Here
Operator Manual  Demographic UCL : Click Here

Requirement of UCL:

Pt1: UIDAI NSEIT Supervisor/Operator Certificate
Pt2: Laptop (i3) and 3-4 GB Ram, 80-100 GB Drive C.
Pt3: Win 7 Professional 32-Bit Service Pack 1
Pt4: Single Fingerprint Device, eg. Morpho 1300
Steps how to install UCL v on System:

Step 1: Run Setup: UCL_v3.3.0.0.
Step 2: Click on "Aadhaar UCL" then click on Database Mgmt and import files as per below mention in zipped format:
   (a) Import Master Data.
   (b) Import Register Data.
    (c) Import Name Dictionary Data.

Step 3: After importing close the UCL and again click on "Aadhaar UCL" and enter below details:
       (a) Registrar Name : 206 - CSC e-Gov. Services (I) Ltd,
       (b) EA Name : 2189 - CSC SPV,
       (c) Station Id : <UCL_Nos>
       (d) Client Location : Enter Pincode.

Step 4: Enrolment Client Registration:
       Username: (Contact to your area csc coordinator)
       Password:  (Contact to your area csc coordinator)

Step 5: Install Print Aadhar: Open UCL_v3.3.0.0 and go to "Aadhar Enrolment Client" folder, open Installation Folder, install "wkhtmltopdf-installer..", during installation, destination folder should be "C:\UID Authority of India\wkhtmltopdf\" and then install "vcredist.....".

Step 6:  Open MSP_UCL_Full_3.2.0.0
Open Folder 4.Dependencies->Single_Finger_Device_Drivers  1)Go to Folder MSO 1300, Install Below Softwares:
            1) Sagem MorphoSmart USB Drivers
             2) Device Driver Setup
              3) SMDAPI Setup

Step 7: Now, Connect the morpho device 1300 to your usb port of laptop and device driver will install automatically.

Step 8: Open UCL from desktop, login to it:
            a) Operator Uid
             b) Operator ID
              c) Operator Name

Note2: If morpho is not active, open control panel and uninstall all set up named with morpho and install drivers again

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