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AAdhar Special
 Training Videos

Note: These video must be seen to VLE/Operators/Supervisor before starting the enrolment.

Links are as follows:

1. Biometric Exception Enrolments.                  

2. Biometric Updation                                     

3. UID Correction within 96 Hours                   

4. Demographic Updation                               

5. DMS Pick up                                              

6. E-Aadhaar                                                 

7. EOD Report                                               

8. End of Day review by Supervisors                

9. Force Capture                                            

10. Head of Family based enrolments               

11. Packet Sync and Export                             

12. POI and POA                                           

13. Packet Upload by SFTP                             

Also find the training video link:

Please find below new link for Aadhaar Training videos (AadhaarMargdarshak).

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