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 Lost Packets Solution

In case the packets are synced and not uploaded due to various reasons (such as stolen/crash machines), we suggest the VLEs/ULEs to provide the EID details of such packets and case no. by tech centre.

In cases, where RO is satisfied, list of such EID’s should be communicated for removal from the Sync data base.

In case where the RO is not satisfied, such packets shall be declared as lost and penalty shall be applicable.

Lost Eid Formats: Kindly fill this format and mail:
Format for sending packets to be marked as lost from sync DB under OM 4(4)/57/224/2013-ROB Dated 20.02.2014

1)EA Name & Code

2)Registrar Name & Code

3)Machine Ids & No. of Packets to be marked as lost from Sync DB.
a). Machine ID - No. of Packets

5)Corrective steps taken by EA to save / restore packets.

6)Case No. by tech centre, if any (use separate sheets for different case IDs)

7)Total No. of Packets.

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