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1)Packet integrity failed..

Issue is because of the physical packets are corrupted /missing in the packets location.

Ask EA to re-enroll the residents and share the EIDs with RO to remove from Sync DB.

RO will share these EIDs with techsupport to remove from Sync DB so that EA will not be
penalized for not uploading the packets.

Ask EA to check the integrity failed report.

2)Error while scanning

Kindly do full sync and import the registrar certificate for resolving the issue.

3)Photo lene par photo dikhai nahi deta

Uninstall and reinstall the bap installer from setup file.(ECMP3.1.0.0\5.Aadhaar Enrolment Client\Installation).

Stop all the services (qssitvs and camera services).

Kindly replace L1 folder (C:\UID Authority of India\Aadhaar Enrolment Client\qssitv) from any working system.
Restart all the services again.

Select appropriate camera from the system tray.

4)ECMP 3.2 slows the system

In ECMP client, there is performance issue. This issue may be related to system performance.

Can you please clear the data in and either repair/reinstall OS and then install client and

5)Enrollment Slip Single Generated

Where the enrolment stations are made Mandatory for scanning in that Enrolment stations, from now consent slip will be generate only one copy.

EA has to scan all the documents including Enrollment form and return all hard copies to respective Resident.
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