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 How to install Aadhar on laptop

Step1: Install Aadhar Software Ecmpv3.2 download from our download page

Step2: Create an account with name "supervisor" and password "123"

Step3: Click on start, type ECA in search bar, login to ECA, enter password "123" and click on Database Mgmt, and import files:
(a) Import Master Data in zipped format.
(b) Import Register Data in zipped format.
(c) Import Name Dictionary Data in zipped format.

Step4: Again login to ECA under Client Identity,
Enter details:
(a) Registrar Name : 206 - CSC e-Governance Services (I) Ltd,
(b) EA Name : 2189 - CSC SPV
(c) Station Id : <Kit_Nos>
(d) Client Location : Enter Pincode.

Step5: Import Registrar Certificate: Click on download and Import

Step6: Enrolment Client Registration:
Enter Username: (call csc for Username) 
Password: ********(call csc for password)

Step7: Import the user credential file and

Step8: User Onboarding: Click on Local Enrolment:
In the Text Box: enter certificate no.
Click on Reload/Refresh-> Click on Name
Click on Start Enrolment
Capture Biometrics and then click ->Enrol User.

Step9: Open AEC(Aadhar Enrolment Client) and start enrolment after login.

Special Note: Before starting enrolments see Training Videos

net user /add [username] [password]

net localgroup administrators [username] /add


 Register ECMP

Point A: Register Aadhar Software Automatically:

Step 1: Open My Computer -> Drive C -> UID Authority of India -> Aadhar Enrolment Client -> Conf Folder then right click on Saved.dat and click on restore previous version.

Step2: A window will open and after sometime some restore points will be displayed with named saved.dat..

Step3: click on one of the restore point and click on Restore Button, then a message will displayed and aadhar will register automatically.

Point B: if there is any issue in aadhar software and not working properly.

Step1: Go to control panel -> Services -> Stop QSSITV Service

Step2: Open My Computer -> Drive C -> UID Authority of India -> Aadhar Enrolment Client. and Copy Data and Conf Folder and paste Data and Conf Folder into Drive D (or some other location)

Step 3: Unistall and Install ECMP v3.2.0.0.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1

Step5 : Now Copy Data and Conf Folder and paste it into My Computer -> Drive C -> UID Authority of India -> Aadhar Enrolment Client.

By using above process your data will not lost, machine will register and local enrolment will also done.

Note: You doesnot need to use user credential and master & Register data in zipped format for import.
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