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Digipay is new name of Apnadhan, CSC eGovernance Services India Limited developed a software "Digipay" for facilitate all CSC VLE to improve work efficiency.

If you are registered for Apnadhan service or If you completed re-registration on csccloud then you can download this software and start hassel free service.
Attention VLEs!  Install the updated version of DIGIPAY  
  This is to inform you that an updated version of Digi Pay desktop  application is available now. The new version is more stable and would  enable easy operations. You all are requested to kindly update the newer  version as we plan to retire the old version by 15th January 2017. It  is a mandatory activity and you are advised to uninstall the older  version to install the updated one.   

Important points:
  1. In case, you do not install the latest version of Digi Pay, you   would not be able to avail the services offered post 15th January using  the  older version.
  3. To install the updated version, kindly ensure that you uninstall  the  older version of Digi Pay and before that ensure that CSC  eGovernance services  India Limited folder in C drive is deleted.
  5. On the Registration form, Please select the Project type as “CSC VLE”  only.
  7. You are requested to provide accurate banking information as per   your Bank account details. In case the information provided is  incorrect, we  would not be able to process the DigiPay payments.
  9. After Uninstalling the older version, also delete folder “CSC   e-Governance Services India Limited” from C: Drive and then install the  new  version of DigiPay.
  11. Important:  Please fill up the  form accurately incorrect information may lead to account de-activation.
Following are the steps to install the updated  version:
  • Download the updated “Digi Pay  Setup v1”  from Google drive or  Dropbox  option as available on the following link:  http://register.csc.gov.in/digipay/.
  • Extract the file.
  • Right click on the extracted  “setup.exe” file and then select “Run as administrator” command to install the  application.
  • Complete the installation  process and restart the system.
  • Once installed, complete the  registration by your Aadhaar number followed by E-KYC.
  • On successful registration,  provide the basic “business” and  “banking” information accurately and select  the project type as “CSC  VLE” only.
  • Now, you are ready to avail the  Digi Pay services.


Question    How to Install Digipay ?

Answer      It's very simple to install digipay.
                1. extract download zip file in folder
                2. uninstall the older version of Digi Pay and before that ensure that CSC                                   eGovernance services India Limited folder in C drive is deleted.
               3. Run Setup.exe file and follow instructions

Question    Is it necessary to replace Morpho Driver which i already installed ?

Answer     Yes you need to remove all older Morpho drivers from your system and install                        Morpho smart driver from downloaded folder. you need to setup both files.
               1. run setup.exe and complete.
               2. run MorphoSmart USB Driver.msi    and complete.

* you are suggested to install library for eKYC works

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